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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

With an overwhelming amount of Sunscreens on the market it can be confusing on which one to purchase. What number SPF should I be wearing? What ingredients should I look for and are there any to avoid? At what age should I start to wear Sunscreen and is it safe for children? Even if I am in the office all day, why does my sun protection matter?

The recommendation we most often give our patients is to look for an SPF 30-50 with Zinc oxide alone or combined with Titanium Dioxide. You really don’t need to go above an SPF 50, especially with Zinc Oxide, as it will give you the best absorption to prevent sunburns or UVB as well as protect against aging or UVA.

Recently there was an article showing that certain ingredients in sunscreens penetrate the skin. However, the studies did not show what effect that has on our body or at what concentration levels we should worry about. There is still much research to be done in the area of sunscreens as previous to this these products were not regulated by the FDA.

What we do know is there is still benefit to wearing sunscreen. So before you cancel your summer vacation plans, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide continue to be the safest and most effective at covering a broad spectrum UV in the fight against aging, sunburns, and skin cancer.

Sunscreen protection is recommended at all ages, especially if there will be a prolonged period of exposure. For children, there are many over the counter products which contain zinc oxide for protection. At Renew Laser & Skin, we offer a broad range of sunscreens; matte to even tinted for a subtle glow. Whichever you decide to apply, protection against sun exposure is better than none regardless if you are on vacation, in the office or even driving!

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