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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

The most common misconception people have about dermal lip fillers is the provider leaves your lips looking overdone, uneven, or wrinkled - forming an imperfect pout. Striving for a natural pout doesn’t have to be scary. There’s more to lip fillers than simply adding all over volume; which will typically not get you the results you are looking for anyway.

Some important components to remember about beauty is shape and texture. Lip fillers are not only good for augmentation to provide a youthful plumpness, but also preserves the hydration in your lips which can be lost overtime! Fillers address both components, which is essential to achieve the desired results. So whether you have dry lips that need smoothing out, you’re losing definition in your top lip or you are simply losing volume due to the natural aging process, we can help!

*Actual Renew patients.

We inject hyaluronic acid; a naturally occurring molecule in your skin. This molecule is highly polar, attracting water, and thus providing lubrication and moisture to your lips. The absorption of water is also what creates your full, naturally youthful lips! There are many choices in filler; each product is created to provide and address a particular concern when it comes to the aesthetics and health of your lips; this enables us to customize how you want your look to be.

So which product is right for you? Let the pros decide! Whether we are correcting the shape of your mouth, smoothing out your lines, or both, we pay close attention to your natural shape, ensuring over-correction does not take place and you leave looking like YOU!

The procedure only take about 15 minutes with added numbing prior to your treatment to keep you comfortable! After just a few days of possible swelling, the hyaluronic acid will settle, revealing that natural and smooth pout we long for. Come in and find out more or join us on Instagram @renewlaserandskin and see our videos on before and afters for lip fillers!

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