What is Opus?

Opus is a Fractional Microplasma Radiofrequency Technology (FMRT) that targets deep lines and wrinkles, skin laxity and texture changes.

How It Works

It takes High RF energy to convert nitrogen and oxygen in the air into plasma sparks. This plasma creates microchannels on the skin surface surrounded by healthy skin to promote rapid turnover, collagen stimulation and rebuilding to target deeper lines, skin laxity, as well as skin color and texture. This is all done with minimal downtime compared to other technologies. 


Benefits of Opus: 

  • Deep lines and wrinkles

  • Acne scarring

  • Stretch marks

  • Upper eyelid drooping

  • Lines around the mouth

  • Necklace lines

What is the Opus procedure like?

This procedure is very safe and tolerable in-office procedure. We apply topical numbing cream prior to the procedure to make it more comfortable. The actual treatment takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes. During the treatment you may feel some warmth.

What is the post-procedure like?

After the treatment, the area will feel like a sunburn. It will also be red for 24-36hrs. This procedure has very little downtime. It is recommended that patients avoid direct sun exposure for 48 hour after the treatment.


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