What is Juliet Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The Juliet Vaginal Rejuvenation laser treatment is a simple, non-surgical procedure that delivers gentle laser energy to the vaginal wall to stimulate new collagen, remodeling tissue and restoring flexibility and shape. The beneficial effects are noticeable after the first treatment, and the improvement continues several months after the treatments are completed. Juliet improves lubrication, reducing itching and pain caused by low estrogen. The treatment can enhance the appearance of femininity of the vaginal and external vulvar area. 

How It Works

Juliet is a minimally invasive treatment delivering laser energy to the tissue. The first pass stimulates the production of collagen, strengthening the structure of the tissue. The second pass revitalizes the tissue through gentle heating, improving tone and flexibility. 

Benefits of Juliet treatment:

  • Regain vaginal tone & flexibility

  • Improve pigmentation

  • Restore confidence

  • Improve intimacy

  • Alleviates vaginal dryness

  • Reduction of or no dyspareunia (difficult or painful sexual intercourse)

  • Safe, quick, in-office procedure

What is the Juliet procedure like?

The treatment is not painful and generally doesn't require anesthesia; however, a mild topical anesthetic is applied for patient comfort on the exterior skin.

Is the Juliet treatment right for me?

Juliet is right for any woman seeking a fast, non-surgical and discreet procedure that enhances vaginal function for a better sexual experience. It is for woman who want to feel more confident about their feminine health or seek vaginal cosmetic improvement.

The treatment can be customized to each individual by treating interior alone, exterior alone, or both. 

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