What is HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is a quick 30-minute treatment that is suitable for all skin types, with serums and add-ons to target a variety of concerns. Our basic HydraFacial consists of a cleansing, exfoliation with a minor chemical solution to prep for pain free extractions. This  in turn allows for a better penetration and hydration from our third step. This treatment is chock full of peptides, and antioxidants which help to provide that gorgeous HydraFacial glow for every client.

What to Expect
Our goal is to help support each of our clients in a balanced lifestyle, which is what makes HydraFacial
the perfect treatment option for anyone on the go. Makeup can be applied immediately post service if
needed, although we would like to allow the serums and hydration to absorb fully overnight if possible.
A noticeable difference can be observed immediately following the treatment, but results will improve
the more consistent a client is with treatments.

Additional Treatment Options

Lymphatic Drainage- This is the perfect option to help improve the flow of our lymphatic system in both the face and the body. Improving the flow of our lymphatic system helps to reduce some of the toxins within the areas and improves overall circulation. This can also help to reduce some signs of puffiness and refresh the appearance of the face.

LED- This is a perfect addition to any HydraFacial treatment! With two options: our Red (anti-aging, collagen production, product penetration and reduction of inflammation) or our Blue (acne, antibacterial) we can help target a variety of concerns.

DermaBuilder- Trying to get ready for a night on the town or any special occasion, this is the perfect add-on! This treatment targets the fine lines and wrinkles most of us earn around the nasolabial folds, the number 11s, and forehead.

CTGF- This add-on is full of Connective Tissue Growth Factors to help provide longer lasting regenerative results for a total anti-aging treatment.

Britenol- Looking for help with tough pigmentation or dark spots, this add-on is a non-hydroquinone alternative that uses a blend of Alpha-Arbutin and Vitamin C.

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